Cisco Certifications

The attainment of a Cisco Certification is a key objective for many individuals and a benchmark for companies looking to employ networking professionals. Cisco’s accreditation
program can be split into two very distinct categories, Career Certification and Channel Partner accreditation.

KasTech has been involved in training networking professionals since the introduction of these programs and as the world’s leading and most trusted Specialized Cisco Learning Partner
has the capability and flexibility to deliver the full range of Cisco Certified training solutions at locations throughout EMEA.



Cisco’s Career Certifications are split into five certification levels within which there are 8 different technology tracks, Routing & Switching, Design, Security, Service
Provider, Storage Networking, Voice, Wireless and Service Provider, alongside this are Cisco Qualified Specialists that focus on specific product sets. This focused
approach to accreditation ensures that anyone can choose a career path that is relevant to their specific technology focus.