Avaya Aura™ Contact Center Fast Track – Installation, Administration, and Scripting


You will learn to install Contact Center Manager Server, add and configure CCMA, install and configure client software, and perform system backups and restore. You will learn how to access Contact Center Manager Administration and how to configure Threshold Classes, Call Presentation Classes, Skillsets, Call Center Agents, and Call Center Supervisors. You also will learn to configure Administrators through the multiple components of Access and Partition Management.
You will cover methods of system management, including viewing, creating, and modifying tabular and graphical real-time displays, and interpreting, viewing, modifying, and scheduling standard and user-defined historical reports. Finally, you will learn to plan and create applications (scripts and flows) using the basic script commands and elements in the Orchestration Designer scripting tool, available with Avaya Aura Contact Center Manager.


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The knowledge and skills that a learner must have before attending this course are as follows:

  • Knowledge of and experience with Microsoft Windows Server installation, configuration, and administration
  • Ability to configure and troubleshoot PCs and components of TCP/IP
  • Ability to diagnose and isolate faults in LAN cabling and connectors
  • Ability to use maintenance tools and software loads to determine and correct equipment failures
  • Ability to identify and locate the major components of the communication server (either Avaya Communication Server 1000 or Avaya Communication Manager Midsize Enterprises), referred to as the “switch” in this course
  • Ability to provide input to the switch software database and inspect and power up the switch
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Windows servers, MS-DOS, and Windows Professional, XP Professional, or Vista
  • Familiarity with SIP terminology
  • Familiarity with PC hardware and software terminology
  • For personnel who install AML-based systems: Familiarity with the relationship of the messaging queues and the virtual agent TNs on the CS 1000
  • Installing the Contact Center Manager Server
  • Adding and Configuring Contact Center Manager Administration
  • Installing and Configuring Communication Control Toolkit Software and Avaya Aura® Agent Desktop
  • Configuring AACC for Basic Call, including OD Overview
  • Installing and Configuring the Avaya Media Server
  • Installing and Configuring Client Software
  • Configuring CCMA Resources and Agent Greeting
  • Backing Up and Restoring Data
  • Contact Center Manager Administration Access
  • Administering CCMA Resources
  • Threshold Classes
  • Call Presentation Classes
  • Skillsets
  • Contact Center Management: Agents and Supervisors
  • Contact Center Management: Views
  • Contact Center Management: Assignments
  • Access and Partition Management
  • Historical Statistics
  • Interpreting Reports
  • Historical Reporting
  • Scripting Overview
  • Application Variables and Application Management Data
  • Intrinsics and Expressions
  • Creating Applications using Scripting Commands and Blocks

Upon completing this course, the learner will be able to meet these overall objectives:

  • Install and configure Contact Center Manager Server
  • Back Up and Restore Data
  • Add and Configure Contact Center Manager Administration
  • Add and configure Configuration Control Toolkit and Avaya Aura Agent Desktop
  • Add and configure the Avaya Media Server
  • Install and Configure Client Software
  • Contact Center Manager Elements
  • Access Contact Center Manager Administration
  • Configure Threshold Classes
  • Configure CCMA Resources
  • Configure Call Presentation Classes
  • Configure Skillsets
  • Configure Contact Center Management
  • Configure Access and Partition Management
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Configure Historical Statistics
  • Interpret Historical Reports
  • Schedule and Print Historical Reports
  • Orchestration Designer Scripting
  • Create Scripts using Basic Commands, Intrinsics, and Expressions
  • Create and Apply Script Variables
Target Audience

This course is designed for:

  • Experienced technicians and other personnel who are familiar with Contact Center products and want to learn the essentials of Avaya Aura Contact Center
  • Personnel responsible for installation, administration, and management of Avaya Aura Contact Center
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