Avaya Communication Server 1000E Release 7.5 Implementation and Upgrade


The Avaya Communication Server 1000E Implementation and Upgrade (6376) course provides information on how to implement and upgrade the Avaya Communication Server 1000E (CS 1000E) system. This course allows you to learn about the hardware and software components of the CS 1000E and to install and verify the correct installation of the hardware and software. It also allows you to learn the process to upgrade to a CS 1000E Release 7.5 system. The Communication Server 1000 portfolio includes full featured, server-based IP PBXs that can be fully distributed over the IP LAN and WAN infrastructures of enterprise environments.


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To gain the prerequisite skills and knowledge, Avaya strongly recommends the knowledge of the following courses:

  • Meridian 1 and Communication Server 1000 6.0 Familiarization (0200)
  • Communication Server 1000 System Administration and Management (6351)
  • System Overview
  • System Components
  • Planning System Installation and Upgrades
  • CS 1000E System Hardware Installation
  • Install the Linux-Base Operating System
  • Configure the Unified Communications Management Security Services
  • Deploy Application
  • Install and Configure CP PM Call Server Software (VxWorks)
  • Signaling Server Gateway Configuration
  • MGC Configuration
  • Upgrades to CS 1000E Release 7.5

Upon completing this course, the learner will be able to meet these overall objectives:

  • Identify system platform requirements.
  • Identify system hardware and software components.
  • Plan a CS 1000E system installation and a system upgrade to CS 1000E Release 7.5
  • Install hardware components on a CS 1000E HA system with CP PM Call Servers and CP DC Signaling server.
  • Install Linux Base OS.
  • Install and Configure Applications using UCM Deployment Services.
  • Install and Configure CP PM Call Server Software (VxWorks).
  • Configure the Signaling Server Gateway.
  • Install and configure the Media Gateway Controller (MGC).
  • Upgrade an existing Option 11C 5.x system to a CS 1000E 7.5 CPMG/128 Co-Resident system.
Target Audience

This course is designed for:

  • Technicians and individuals responsible for installing and upgrading the Avaya Communication Server 1000E system

Recommended as preparation for:

  • 7003 – ACIS – Avaya Communication Server 1000
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