Certified Network Infrastructure Design


 The core part of this program, the Certified Network Infrastructure Design (CNID®), explores the complex issues involved when designing whilst planning for both Inside Plant (ISP) and Outside Plant (OSP) network infrastructures examining the role of the designer and the multitude of disciplines required to deliver a multifaceted design to meet the customer requirements.


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Target Audience

Students will benefit from understanding the design life cycle (from concept to design completion), including the analysis of the customer needs, the site survey process and detailed structure of a final design document. 


Design Principles
Assess requirements
Information gathering
Capacity planning
Standards organisations
Cabling standards
Installation standards
Electrical standards
Network and application standards
Building Information Modelling (BIM)
Spaces & Working Areas
Building Entrance Facility (BEF)
Main Equipment Room (MER)
Building Distributor (BD)
Floor Distributor (FD)
Horizontal/work area distribution
Site Survey
Site survey process
Greenfield and brownfield impacts
Formulation of site survey report
Cabling Sub-systems (ISP & OSP)
OSP cabling
Backbone cabling
Horizontal cabling
Network cabling
Network Architecture
Access control
Environmental management
Fire alarms
Pathways & Containment
Cable distribution systems
Raised access floor
Confined spaces
OSP cable duct systems
Fire Stopping
Types & specifications
Mechanical and non-mechanical
Regulations and testing
Bonding & Earthing
Protective Earth (PE)
Equipotential bonding
Electrical and UPS
Test & Commission Specification
Commissioning process
Certification test methods
Testing standards

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