Oracle Database 10g: SQL: Fundamental II (D17111GC11)


This class is applicable to Oracle8i, Oracle9i and Oracle Database 10g users.
This course introduces Oracle Database 10g technology and the relational database concepts and the powerful SQL programming language. This course provides the learners with the essential SQL skills of querying the database, the meta data and creating database objects.
In addition, the course also delves into the advanced querying and reporting techniques, data warehousing concepts and manipulating large data sets in different time zones.


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  • Familiarity with Data Processing Concepts and Techniques
  • Ability to use a graphical user interface (GUI)

  • Restricting and Sorting Data
  • Using Single Row Functions to Customize Reports
  • Reporting Aggregated Data Using the Group Functions
  • Displaying Data From Multiple Tables
  • Using Sub queries to Solve Queries
  • Using the SET Operators
  • Manipulating Data
  • Using DDL Statements to Create and Manage Tables
  • Creating Other Schema Objects
  • Managing Objects with Data Dictionary Views
  • Controlling User Access
  • Manage Schema Objects
  • Manipulating Large Data Sets
  • Generating Reports by Grouping Related Data
  • Managing Data in Different Time Zones
  • Searching Data Using Advanced Sub queries
  • Hierarchical Data Retrieval
  • Performing Regular Expression Support and Case Insensitive

Search data using advanced sub queries
Retrieve row and column data from tables with the SELECT statement
Employ SQL functions to generate and retrieve customized data
Run data manipulation statements (DML) to update data in the Oracle Database 10g
Control user access and manage schema objects

Target Audience

  • Database Administrators
  • System Analysts
  • Forms Developer
  • PL/SQL Developer
  • Technical Consultant
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