Oracle JDeveloper 10g: Build Applications with ADF (D16975GC10)


  • This course is designed for developers who will build J2EE applications using the accelerated productivity of Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF). You will learn how to build end-to-end applications efficiently, including both the MVC-based client components and the business services that are utilized by them. During the course, you will use the visual editors and modelers in Oracle JDeveloper 10g to design and build your ADF components.
  • The classroom practices focus on Web-based clients using Jakarta Struts and JavaServer Pages, supported by ADF Business Components.


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  • Basic knowledge of SQL queries and data manipulation
  • Oracle 10g: Java Programming

  • Oracle Application Development Framework
  • ADF Development Process
  • Getting Started with ADF Business Components
  • Building Business Logic
  • Exposing Business Data
  • Adding Custom Validation
  • Providing for Efficient Queries
  • Making the Model Secure
  • Controlling an Application with Struts
  • Building ADF View Components
  • Customizing Actions
  • Using ADF Struts Components
  • Adding Validation and Error Handling
  • Enhancing the User Interface
  • Adding JAAS Security to the Client
  • Building ADF UIX View Components
  • Deploying an ADF Application

  • Build Web-based views for an application, using declarative tools in Oracle JDeveloper 10g
  • Use Oracle JDeveloper 10g to define user interface functionality and application flow based on Struts
  • Generate and test the end-to-end components as a complete ADF application
  • Design and implement business services using ADF Business Components
Target Audience

  • Java Developer
  • J2EE Developer
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